The Wiregrass Archives

Founded in 2002, the Wiregrass Archives at Troy University Dothan Campus “identifies, preserves, and makes available records of enduring value” in a thirty-county area of southeastern Alabama, southwestern Georgia, and northwestern Florida.

Our mission:

  • Historic Manuscripts:  From non-university sources, the The Wiregrass Archives will address records and manuscripts that document the history and culture of the Wiregrass.
  • University Archives:  The The Wiregrass Archives will address records created or received by Troy University—Dothan Campus (and its predecessors) and its employees.
  • Coordinate Information:  Recognizing that no single repository can collect all appropriate records and manuscript, the The Wiregrass Archives will identify other such collections in other repositories and coordinate access to them.

Our collecting policy:

Historic Manuscripts:  The Wiregrass Archives collects records that document the following areas throughout the Wiregrass Region:

  • Economic life:  Includes records of entire industries and individual businesses engaged in agriculture, timber and naval stores, retail and wholesale marketing, healthcare, and manufacturing.  Also includes records of trade and commerce associations.
  • Government and Politics:  Includes records of governing bodies at all levels, individual politicians, and organizations that engage in political activities.
  • Non-governmental civic life:  Includes records of civic clubs, fraternal organizations, service clubs, and churches.
  • Folkways and High Culture:  Includes records that document vernacular culture (such a activities noted in Wiregrass Country by Jerrilyn McGregory) as well as high art, theater, and literature.  Of particular importance are records of visual, graphic, and performing artists, and Wiregrass Writers.
  • Impact of the military on the region:  Records not otherwise secured by law that document the presence of various military bases and personnel in the Wiregrass, and their impact on the region.
  • Research findings:  Records scholars and researchers have compiled on history and life in the Wiregrass.
  • Individual lives of community leaders and ordinary citizens:  Personal papers, diaries, letters, business records, memoirs, and oral histories from individuals and families who have lived in the Wiregrass.

Troy University—Dothan Campus Archives:  The The Wiregrass Archives provides records management consulting to the divisions of Troy University—Dothan Campus and collects/preserves/makes accessible campus records of enduring value.  It does so as guided by the State of Alabama RDA for Public Colleges and Universities.

Check out our full website here:


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